How does Clevebe work? Foot care for everyone

What is Clevebe? 

Clevebe, an innovative product for foot scrubbing and massage, was designed for comfortable foot care. Maybe it’s better to say that there were several prototypes, the product changed its shape and color, it was tested, received a certificate… 

The path of the product to the final line of production and sale was very long, but there it is! The author wanted to make the scrubbing fast and comfortable, and the whole process to be done without unnecessary mess. The result is impressive. 

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What are the advantages of the product and for whom is it dedicated?

The device is marked by a number of distinctive features that make Clevebe special and unique:

  • Durability—specifically selected materials and careful production of the device designed by people with a passion, make Clevebe a product that is long-lasting and can be used by different family members (after changing the insert).
  • Time saving – the product is adapted for use in the shower or bath, so the entire care procedure can be carried out during the daily bath. Pleasant with the useful.
  • Possibility of use in the hands – if you prefer to scrub while holding the device in your hands – no problem! The product has been tested in this respect as well, and it serves its purpose very well.

Pedicure grater

  • Safety – the device meets all safety standards and has been approved by the National Institute of Public Health.


  • Handle – a comfortable handle that makes it easy to pick up the product and move it to another place. The ”Pro” set includes a waterproof and rust-resistant hook on which you can hang the scrubbing device and dry it. In addition, it blends in nicely with the bathroom, because it looks like an ornament


  • Ergonomic shape – specifically designed shape fitting the foot. You can scrub your foot very carefully by selecting a specific part of it. What’s more, you scrub and massage the foot at the same time.


  • Minimalist design – the product looks modern and elegant at the same time. It looks perfectly in any bathroom. There is no need to hide it in the cabinet.


  • Abrasive elementsreplaceable inserts, reducing use of plastic. There is no need to buy a new insert, but only to change it! In addition, there are 2 different gradations to choose from: 100 and 150.


  • Non-slip material – non-slip elements keep the device stably installed in the shower base or bathtub, so there is no risk of slipping.


  • Comfortable use – it can be used during daily bathing, in the shower or bath. It also works well during long-term business trips and excursions.

Clevebe foot scrub and massage device is suitable for all individuals regardless of gender and age. It’s recommended especially for pregnant women, seniors, and people with motor dysfunctions.

How does it work?

Clevebe foot scrub and massage device

Before using the Clevebe foot scrub and massage device, read the instructions on the package or visit, where you can find instructional videos. Make sure it is firmly attached to avoid slipping. Make sure it is securely fastened to avoid slipping.

The device consists of 3 parts, which are used for different types of moves: 

  1. Bulg, where you rub the edges of the foot such as the toes, instep, and heel.
  2. An area adjusting to the heel. Effective in scrubbing the heels and higher parts of the foot.
  3. This part is dedicated to quick and easy moves at the end of the process of scrubbing. 

Once you are satisfied with the effect, I recommend applying foot cream to make your feet even smoother.


For more useful articles, I encourage you to visit our blog, and if you are curious about how to use the Clevebe product, go to the ”Instructions” section.  


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