How to get rid of hard heels in men?

The times when “manly” men avoiding cosmetics and body care are slowly passing, and they finally start to show interest in their appearance. This phenomenon is especially visible in the Z-generation (people born after 1995).

Men’s foot care

Perfume, designer clothes, hairdresser, barber… what about the older generations? How does the millennial, X, and baby boomer generation take care of themselves? Despite the constant joking, a quite common sight on Polish beaches is the immortal set: socks + sandals. Maybe if men decided to take care of their feet, there would be no need to hide them?

Care for men’s heels

The skin on the heels is part of the feet where rough skin, cracks and, consequently, pain appear. The source of these problems can be sport, overweight, improper shoes, or foot care – or rather, the lack of it. Active men, especially runners or dancers, are particularly exposed to callousing.

What is more, feet easily dry out due to a small number of sebaceous glands.

Men’s feet

Fortunately, I have an excellent solution for you – a scrub for men. Don’t worry – there is no need to go to a beautician, which is often troublesome and embarrassing for men.

Clevebe – home foot care

Clevebe foot scrub and massage product has two different gradations that will quickly deal with the problem. Coarse-grained gradation 100 will quickly remove dead skin of the feet, while fine-grained gradation 150 will smooth them.

Method of foot care

To enhance the effect, just use the device at least once a week. The best effect can be achieved by moisturizing the feet before the whole process. You should take a quick shower beforehand or try a home spa and prepare a foot bath. For more information, see the article ”How to get great smoothness of feet”.

Toenail Care

Men’s feet and nails

It’s all for nothing if we don’t take care of our toenails. Ugly, long and dirty nails look unattractive and unaesthetic. In addition, nails are likely to start growing into the skin, which causes pain and it consequently can force you to visit a podiatrist.

Nail trimming in men’s foot care

If you want your nails to grow in a proper way, you should cut them straight. To do this, it is recommended to use a nail clipper or a very precise nail file. To finish the job and get rid of dirt, we will need a small nail brush. It has a comfortable handle and hard bristles, great for cleaning off the dirt.

Sweating Feet


Sweating foot skin

The final step is to prevent troublesome sweating foot. The easiest way is to buy a foot spray at the drugstore or pharmacy. It effectively eliminates the unpleasant smell and will prevent men’s feet from unnecessary sweating. A very important aspect is the composition of the socks you buy. Mostly recommended are socks made of 100% cotton. Artificial materials make it impossible for the foot to ”breathe”, causing sweat and unpleasant odor.

Men’s feet, footwear and sweating

Anyway, this applies to all types of clothing. As we know, plastic is our enemy in the fight against the pleasant odor of our body. For this reason, the material of our shoes is an important issue.

Synthetic materials increase sweating. It is worth investing in leather shoes or

those made of airy fabrics. On the other hand, in summer, especially during hot weather, it is recommended to walk in sandals.

If you stick to all these rules and find a free moment to take care of

your feet – they will certainly repay you. Finally, you’ll be able to get rid of socks on the beach 🙂

For more useful articles, I recommend visiting our blog, and if you’re curious about how to use Clevebe product – go to the ”Instructions” section.

How to get great smoothness of feet?
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