Reflexology – how to massage the foot

Traditional Chinese medicine is a type of alternative medicine that accompanies medical therapy, and its history dates back more than  2,500 years ago.

Its main idea is that illnesses and pain result from an imbalance between yin and yang.

Acupuncture model – individual receptors

How does Chinese medicine work?

Therapies need to be implemented to return to health. Rebuilding the balance consists of herbal treatment, a light diet, acupuncture, acupressure, massages, and Chinese cups.

Today we will explore acupressure, specifically reflexology. So what does it actually mean?

Receptors on the feet

Therapeutic foot massage

Reflexology is a type of massage that is classified as acupressure. Chinese doctors believe that there are pathways called meridians, through which Qi energy passes through the human body. 

If the patient is ill, massage the appropriate spot on the feet, hands or face with the fingertips. The points on the specific parts of the body correspond to different organs in our body, and massaging them will unblock the energy in the meridians

WHO and Chinese medicine

If you think this is just crazy talk, I’d like to inform you that acupressure is included in the WHO list, and reflexology has been an official profession in Poland since 2005

Indications and contraindications for reflexotherapy

There is a long list of conditions that it treats, or helps to treat, along with academic medicine. For example, these includeasthma, painful menstruation, allergies, migraine, stress, and pains of various kinds (toothache, neuralgia).

Rubbing the feet with the fingers

Of course, this doesn’t concern acute medical conditions that require treatment or even a hospital stay. Although reflexologists claim that acupressure can enhance such treatment.

In addition, we shouldn’t perform such a massage if we have a problem with our feet, for example: athlete’s foot, wounds, infections, varicose veins. What is more, it’s not recommended for pregnant women

Home foot massage and foot reflexology chart

According to the assumptions of Chinese medicine, pain in the foot during a massage implies a disease of a particular body part. If we are healthy, the pain just won’t occur. That’s why this is an ideal diagnosis that we can do ourselves at home or during a professional treatment with a reflexologist. Then, let’s take a look, at the foot map made by the Polish Institute of Reflexology:

Map of foot massage

As you can see, there are a lot of points, and it’s easy to get lost, but the map is very helpful.

Personally speaking, after my shoulder surgery my orthopedist performed a massage, in the right zone of course, and it really helped me in terms of its mobility. This kind of massage is done with the thumb, without the use of massage products.

Foot massage techniques

Our hands are completely sufficient! We should do it for 5-15 seconds. There are special acupuncture mats that press the appropriate points, but for beginners I recommend massage of the whole foot at home. You can ask your partner to do you a favor and make the evening more pleasant. 

An equally good option is a massage with the use of the Clevebe device.

Clevebe – home foot massage

Home foot massage

In addition to scrubbing, it has a massage function. With its special innovative shape, we can massage the whole foot and relax at the same time.

In case the pain doesn’t disappear despite home massage, it’s worth looking around for a professional reflexologist in your city. 


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