Clevebe - Guides and instructions
Guide -#1
How to get started with Clevebe

Before using the Clevebe heel grater with replaceable foot scrub and massage pads, watch the instructional video above and read the instructions.

The shape of the device has been specially designed to fit the foot perfectly. The scrub can be performed very precisely by selecting a specific part of the foot. What’s more, by exfoliating the foot you are massaging it at the same time.

1. Place the product in the shower base or bathtub so that it is attached to the surface. (Use when bathing while standing or sitting).
2. Ensure whether the device is well attached.
3. Press down on the product with your free foot. The product should be pressed down so that one foot presses on the bottom surface and the other foot performs the movement on the ergonomic surface. Avoid weighing the product down with your whole body weight.
4. Carefully place the foot with calloused skin on the abrasive part, and then move it forward, backward and sideways.
5. Continue until the skin is soft and smooth.
6. Make slow movements, and press a little harder if there is a large thickening.
7. Finish rubbing when the skin of the feet is soft – too long use may end up with irritation.
8. Rinse the foot to get rid of dead skin and clean the device under running water. Leave to dry on the included hook or in a dry place.
9. The abrasive element should be replaced after it has dried to prevent the attachment material from peeling off.


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