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Guide -#2
How to replace the cartridge?

The Clevebe foot peeling and massage device has a part with a transparent Velcro, to which an abrasive element should be attached. The inserts in the back part have velor that attaches to the Velcro easily and does not come off even under water.

The abrasive element should be replaced after the entire product has dried on the hook to prevent the fastening material from peeling off. The assortment includes two types of gradation of replaceable cartridges: 100 and 150. In the case of heavily callused epidermis and hard skin on the heels – we recommend using a stronger gradation of 100.

On the other hand, after using the 100 cartridge and for undemanding feet, smoothing small unevenness of the skin, a 150 cartridge is sufficient. In addition, the abrasive elements reduce the consumption of plastic, eliminating the need to purchase another foot peeling device.

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